Friday, 10 August 2018


OK so I have my opinion .... I've done a poll on Instagram..... the brainwashed idiots are all edging towards Beyonce and anyone can clearly see that British Vogue has won a mile off with their Rihanna cover ...... I have been watching this closely and in my opinion they both win and have made history two black women covering the most important issues (September) so there really should be no competition ...... but..... but ....but ...!!!

The world we live in with fake followers and fake people IE millenials who have no brain to think for themselves if I say Mariah is the hottest thing since sliced bread you would believe me !!! but back to the subject and from polls .... Rihanna claims it and despite all the lame excuses I was messaged by said people with one of my favorites being well BEY was natural no make up and Rihanna has to have make up!! Love that! otherwise BEY would be the Queen!!!

bottom line is your Queen OK'ed the cover so get over it and realise Rihanna got this one and stop being a fool who has been brainwashed and spends £200 for a ticket to her concert with Jay z and you watch a video screen which you can watch very soon on you tube  and start thinking for yourselves stop trying to live a life you can't afford but afford it to Queen Bey .... come on people (millenials) you can't be that stupid or can you be?

ok once again what cover wins ??????

There's people like me who have modelled, styled, etc and have been in the/on the fashion scene for over 20 years maybe even 30 years and follow me on social media because the KNOW ... well I promised myself especially with the new breed to keep my mouth shut because on social I ask simple questions like who first designed the Dior saddle bag and they don't know but Dior are sending them bags because they have bought followers and with this I have lost thousands of followers and accused of spreading negativity then there's a problem come on your not that thick! young kids you have google! which is a bitch because some of my best work for Versace and Gucci modelling was pre Google ...

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