Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Kylie Jenner for Vogue Australia September 2018

I feel so dirty as my blog as always talked about real fashion, real fashion people etc but things have changed if I don't featured faux celebrities or brainwashers which I like to call them My audience dips .... I still do good but it's all about building ... especially being one of the original bloggers/influencers and the modern day ones try to take me down but believe me I'm going nowhere!  and I feel sorry mostly for the originals who have succumbed and "BOUGHT" followers I see you selling out has not worked and I notice alot of you have have vanished ...

So here we go the queen of buying followers, stripping, brainwashing etc .... take it how you want to ... I can feel I'm gonna lose more followers on social but guess what I'm still getting over 1m views a month .... I'm going nowhere and this is really targeted at PR's and those "influencers" spreading goss about me ... to get me out the way ... I'm going nowhere!!!

Here's Kylie!!!  I'm staying strong and not buying followers YET!!! congratulations on bringing down the British fashion industry ... congratulations!! your not contributing you're killing it!!!

YSL Black Opium Fragrance 2018 AD Campaign

No words........ ok she's a midget!


Sporting a scarf, Kit Butler appears in a behind the scenes polaroid for Tiger of Sweden.Captured in a polaroid, Kit Butler behind the scenes of Tiger of Sweden's campaign.Models Oumie Jammeh and Kit Butler star in Tiger of Sweden's fall-winter 2018 campaign.Model Kit Butler appears in Tiger of Sweden's fall-winter 2018 campaign.British model Kit Butler stars in Tiger of Sweden's fall-winter 2018 campaign.Kit Butler fronts Tiger of Sweden's fall-winter 2018 campaign.

Bella Hadid covers POP Magazine FW 2018

Irina Shayk covers Vogue Spain September 2018



Stealing a moment to relax, Roch Barbot fronts Belstaff's fall-winter 2018 campaign.Belstaff enlists Roch Barbot as the star of its fall-winter 2018 campaign.French model Roch Barbot appears in Belstaff's fall-winter 2018 campaign.Getting behind the wheel, Roch Barbot stars in Belstaff's fall-winter 2018 campaign.Model Roch Barbot fronts Belstaff's fall-winter 2018 campaign.


True Religion FW 18/19 AD Campaign

I have no words ... but Hollywood actors, actresses and socialites are churning out kids as quick as possible and even adopting kids ... older ones because everyone wants a supermodel daughter or son ... OK not so much son but believe me in my day I was labelled a male supermodel and so was Cameroon, Jamal and a few others but they have given up the fight ..... come on people we can't be that stupid look at who is being labelled a supermodel these days ..... look!!! .... you or your beautiful friend or cousin don't stand a chance ...... I guessing I will loose a whole lot of followers as usual for speaking the truth but when you are in your late 30's early 40's and still renting and only have clothes what these people have brainwashed you to buy you will get it .... they are lazy and taking away opportunities ordinary people use to get .... no one scouts the streets anymore they just scout Hollywood ...

I'm not bitter.... I'm still signed and I do a few campaigns every season and get paid well I am actually on your side even though I have lost over 10k Instagram followers for telling the truth and I always say leave the new generation to their own devices but I still see myself coming back here defending you without you realising ...... but this is my last attempt .... I'm done!!!

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Trina Turk & Mr. Turk Resort 2019 - Miami Swim Week

Vilebrequin Resort 2019 - Miami Swim Week

Willfredo Gerardo Resort 2019 - Miami Swim Week

Autograph Cruise 2019 - Odessa Fashion Week

Friday, 17 August 2018

Tom Ford FW 18/19 AD CAMPAIGN

Just Bones Resort 2019 #MIAMISWIMWEEK

Lila Nikole Resort 2019 #miamiswimweek



Interesting but I can't help thinking or should I say i know I have seen you somewhere before ..... yep SS 12 ... that's all I'm saying as I have a post on how brands are charging more money and literally just copying designs from their archives or in some cases like Balmain copying other brands .... Did anyone see the Twitter beef between Roberto Cavalli and Olivier Rousteig when RC accused OR of copying his design?  he had a point they were practically identical ......

that's all for now a post is coming .....



Remembering the Queen of soul, Diva all the day, Queen of shade .... Queen Aretha was everything and I will be doing a post tomorrow about how the likes of Aretha, Whitney, Prince, Luther etc have left an impact on todays music .... and explaining songs which you think are original are samples ..... that's why they all earned the title of superstar which nowadays that word just gets thrown around too east y just like the word supermodel ....

for now enjoy this is my favourite track and I'm guessing alot of people don't event know it ....