Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Phax & Payless Spring Summer 2018

Agua Bendita Spring Summer 2018

Gisele Bundchen covers Vogue Japan February 2018

Adelya Kurnosova and Gurvich Spring Summer 2018

Emse Spring Summer 2018

Carey Mulligan covers Vogue Australia January 2018

Historia Naturalis Spring Summer 2018

Hope & Betty Spring Summer 2018

Kashpei Spring Summer 2018

Michelle Williams covers Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2018

Lakbi Spring Summer 2018

Longshaw Ward Spring Summer 2018

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

SNEAK PEEK - Versace SS 18 AD Campaign

VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE!!! .....Here's a sneak peek .... it's a great campaign and when I get all of of it I will post it ... hopefully they will send it to me but currently they are all about influencers who don't give them press and by fake followers that's who they have at their show ... but it's my mission for my followers to keep you updated even though these brands who I've supported for years are now saying I'm old ..

I've been blogging for too many years and know where to find info I should be sent ......

My question is .... do brands know what is going on? especially in the UK everywhere I go to it's all about getting press but the UK it's about looking after friends and fake influencers

#ENJOY !!!!!

Random fake influencers go to the show but people who should be there get screwed and guess what I am the only one who talks about it !!!! do I get support ????? NO!!!!!


The soul of Versus Versace is youth, sexiness, defiance and most importantly, fun.

“Versus is about individuality, bravery and pleasure. This is for everyone who dares to express themselves in everything they do.” Donatella Versace

This collection is a celebration of the essence of Versus in 90’s New York. Printed shirts, swimwear, flared pants and mesh vests become the essentials for today’s young men and women.
The plaid mini-dresses are customised with studded panels of vivid coloured duchess satin, while the bikini becomes streetwear for the city in the Summer worn under printed shirts, mesh oversized tanks or sleek pantsuits.

Tailoring has Versus attitude, with a V chevron cut into the back of the clothes trimmed with fringe.
Now more than ever, it’s about strong street dressing seen best in belt-print polo dresses with Versus lion head buttons or Summer mini-dresses in vivid colours. Knitwear is sleek, with graphic panels in sportswear and stitches that play with transparency.

Everything makes a statement, from fringed accessories, glitter logo swimwear and metal mesh mini- dresses with studded cowboy panels.

Naomi Campbell covers S Moda January 2018

Yep she's wearing Versace .... have you seen the new Versace SS 18 campaign? I'm not part of it obviously as I'm a pariah but I have that memory of the SS 95 show and the George Michael track freedom that was a time of the male supermodel also ... Jamal, Cameroon, my self and the likes of Marcus schenburg to name a few .... we walked that show too I was paid in clothes which I still have but now only the women and millennials are recognised

Yep the struggle is real ........ especially when people young hung with, worked with choose to not even say hello .... recently there was a socialite ... a name I was branded with in the 90s ..... well I saw this person recently and she thought I was her drug dealer which is far from the truth and she's on a reality TV show but she chose to be negative ....

Guess what last weekend I was talking to folks not saying who but they said I need a reality show and dish the dirt and I would!!!!

We all lived the 90s and you know who you are ...... don't make me take that offer up of a book!!!!

I am not saying anything about Naomi I am just talking about the era .......

Kate Moss for Saint Laurent SS18 AD Campaign

SNEAK PEEK - Gucci SS 18 AD Campaign

Here's a sneak peek of the SS 18 campaign when I get more I will post the full campaign as always but here's your peek ... Gucci have been churning out some amazing if not expensive collections to the point where even I have jumped on the bandwagon!!!

WATCH IT NOW .... CHANEL - The Paris-Hamburg 2017/18 Métiers d’art show

Full film of the Paris-Hamburg 2017/18 Métiers d’Art show that was presented at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg on December 6th, 2017.
See more about the collection on

Music by Oliver Coates performed by Oliver Coates with the Ensemble Resonanz:
- Rice Orchestra Textures
- La Paloma
- Bambi 2046
- Dark Somersaults
- Charlev
- Twack