Thursday, 30 March 2017

Imaan Hammam covers Vogue Japan May 2017

Susana Bettencourt | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Dielmar | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Olimpia Davide | Amorphous | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Clara Pontes | Fall Winter 2017/2018


As some of you may or may not know I know the force that is Cara Delevingne ... I haven't seen her in a while but I still keep up with her progress 

With The recent pictures of her I just thought I would share my thoughts and as I texted toto we ain't in Kansas anymore 

She looks absolutely amazing 

I see these pictures and remember when I first met her at a United Nude party she was wearing a black leather biker the one in the pic I shared a while back on a night out ... black skinny jeans and black lace up boots ... that young outgoing teenager sitting on the floor even before she was signed as a model.... now to know her from there and see her now 

I'm so proud! 

Hugo Costa | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Lottie Moss covers Numéro China April 2017

Nuno Baltazar | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Carlos Gil | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Late Night Charity Shopping to Clean Up Fashion

Late Night Charity Shopping to Clean Up Fashion

On Thursday 27 April, 6:30pm – 9pm, during Fashion Revolution Week, fashion reuse charity TRAID is donating all sales made at a special late night opening in its Dalston charity shop to mark the anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1,133 garment workers in April 2013.
Show solidarity with the people who make your clothes by shopping TRAID’s packed rails for beautiful hand-picked designer, vintage and second-hand clothes, shoes and more, all to the sounds of our live charity shop DJ.
Plus, take part in TRAID’s ‘Protect Your Wardrobe Workshop’ and make a moth repellent ‘tea bag’ using completely natural ingredients of herbs and spices. You’ll find out how to extend the life of your clothes, and embroider a message of commitment to cherish the clothes you love. All materials included and you will take home what you makeBook your place here
Maria Chenoweth, TRAID’s Chief Executive said, “Come shop TRAID’s fabulous second-hand stock in our flagship charity shop in the heart of Dalston. You’ll be celebrating the power of reusing the clothes and resources we already have, while raising funds to clean up the fashion industry and support garment workers.
All sales made between 6:30pm – 9pm will be donated directly to a project funded by TRAID in Bangladeshproviding day-care, good food and education for the children of garment workers, mostly single mothers. Find out more about the project here.


I met a couple of friends for a drink last night and this came on  in the bar I was in and It reminded what a cool track it was, is ....


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Soo Joo Park covers W Korea April 2017


This wasn't a planned outfit post as I assigned the latter days of this week to do outfit posts as I've not put outfits together .... but!!.... the response on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr has been amazing ( see brands who don't want this old black dude wearing your clothes.... check out the stats) so I thought I would post it ...... OK still practicing with the Photography 

Sunglasses John Varvatos
Biker jacket John Galliano
Jumper John Smedley
Sneakers Converse
Belt Hermes

Car .... My very own Range Rover ....

Adwoa Aboah covers Vogue Mexico April 2017

Luis Onofre | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Diogo Miranda | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Kate Upton covers Vogue Thailand April 2017

Anabela Baldaque | Fall Winter 2017/2018


Estelita Mendonça | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Pe de Chumbo | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Monday, 27 March 2017

Gigi Hadid & Mert Alas cover The Daily Front Row Spring 2017

Katty Xiomara | Fall Winter 2017/2018


Fashion month is well and truly over ...... we saw the good the bad and the ugly .....New York we saw something new but technically everyone calls you the under dog then there was London....... Next! Milan ....always great for fashion as they say Italian's do it better... then there was Paris where the real fashion is and where the buyers buy .... that's why said Italian brands well some of them pack up their collections and take it to Paris because that's where the business happens

Now ...Now..... my thing is especially in Paris and Milan ... are the designers who dug into their company's archives so not  comfortable with what they are presenting?

and why are mags such as vogue, Elle, GQ, to name a few going all fan girl and not mentioning for example look 17 was the oversize sweater with city shorts .... 

what's actually been said is Gigi, Bella, Kendall, Hailey, oh and I don't even know their names but they are Lisa Rinna's daughters ... (OK I know their names I'm just being ignorant) walking runways?

What's being said is Gigi walked at Moschino and so did Bella ..... When was it all about who wore it than the actual fashion?

Isn't it bad enough the people who can afford to buy these collections are being told indirectly we only want young millennials wearing it the ones who can't afford to buy it ... then the young with trust funds or the young with their loaded 17th credit card who can afford to buy they are being brainwashed to buy and get themselves in debt because Gigi is wearing it on the runway .... not on the street? if they do only once and because it was free and the general public don't know this they wear it because it was their payment!

Ok i'm not going to ramble on anymore because of I do it would be a novel I have so much to say on this subject plus I've been told I'm too real .... isn't that what bloggers do tell the truth?  not the new breed they will sell themselves out and the supposed UK blogger community out for that free Boo hoo dress which cost 99p to make ... ok enough I'm in trouble already ... and I don't want to get in anymore ... believe me the UK don't appreciate my frankness like they did before OH! apart from Michael Kors when I had a gripe at the Jet Set tote ....

Now the big question is ... do you get where I'm coming from? have you noticed? what are your views?

come on guys ..... I remember when it use to be all about the fashion..... when did we ok not we when did you lose that?

dying to know your thoughts on why designers have got lazy and hiding behind fast tracked, rich kids with famous parents, I'm short but the general public are stupid and won't notice models  ..... Comment box is all yours!!

Is it the death of the hardworking model who started from the bottom? there's still a few of them but when they make it they shut that door on upcoming models i've met some  of them and won't name them ... i will leave karma to introduce themself to those girls ......

Image result for naomi campbellImage result for kate moss

Ines Torcato | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Fenty by Rihanna SS 17 AD Campaign

Pedro Neto | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Sara Maia | Fall Winter 2017/2018

Amy Schumer covers Glamour UK May 2017


Yes i am people are now coming out from under their rocks where they live ... one's threatening to go to the press what an idiot !!!

Lindsey Wixson covers Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2017