Tuesday, 30 April 2013


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Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue collaborates with mobile accessory brand, Covert

Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue has utilised her sharp, simplistic style to create a stunning new exclusive range of luxury iPad and iPhone pouches for mobile accessories brand Covert – www.CovertAccessories.com

Rosie’s love of fashion has become increasingly evident during her time on the glossy reality show, with her blog At Fashion Forte pushing her to the level of fashion idol.
With a signature coral lining, finest calfskin in hot pink, cobalt blue and granite black, Rosie’s latest collection for iPhone 4/5 and new iPad is both eclectic and fun.

Creative Director for Covert Accessories, Zoe Conroy, says ‘We were absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to collaborate with Rosie – her edgy style makes her a perfect fit for our brand’.

Rosie Fortescue comments ‘The bright hues in my collection for Covert look amazing with a contrasting black or white outfit and make carrying your mobile device look all the more stylish’.

Prices are £30 for iPhone 4/5 pouch and £50 for new iPad pouch

Rosie Fortescue for Covert at www.CovertAccessories.com


SWATCH SISTEM51• World premiere: fully automated assembly of a mechanical movement
• 51 components - Swatch’s lucky number
• 1 central screw
• 90 hour power reserve
• Swatch—100% Swiss made

Thirty years ago Swatch turned the watch world upside down. Today, Swatch SISTEM51 presents a new point of view, sets new standards and celebrates the Swatch credo: simplify and innovate. Never before has simplicity been made so intriguing and surprising.

SISTEM51 is an automated (self winding) mechanical movement made from 51 components—no more, no less—made possible by a simplified and more efficient design. Most mechanical movements have at least twice as many parts; some have more than 600! 51 is the magic number (and Swatch’s lucky number, too).

SISTEM51’s components are welded together to form a single assembly centred on a single screw. When Copernicus put the sun at the centre of the solar system, he changed the whole way we perceive and understand life. SISTEM51 is a Copernican idea in contemporary terms!

SISTEM51 is a world first: it is the only mechanical movement ever made whose assembly is 100% automated. The high-tech escapement has no regulator; the rate is set at the factory with a laser, making the manual rate adjustments normally required by a mechanical watch unnecessary. The movement features a 90 hour power reserve.

SISTEM51’s movement is made entirely of ARCAP, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc with exceptional anti-magnetic qualities. And since all movement components are hermetically sealed within the case, no moisture, dust or foreign objects can interfere with its operation. The resulting inner peace guarantees the movement a long, serene life and enduring performance.

SISTEM51 offers one last surprise—transparency. A distinguishing feature of Swatch, the transparency of SISTEM51 creates a unique look, distinct from any other Swatch. Automatic movements are driven by an oscillating rotor; the rotor in SISTEM51 is a transparent disc that rotates in both directions around the central screw. This signature feature opens up fascinating views of the movement beneath it, a movement whose visible surfaces are printable. The design reaches beyond appearances to reveal the innovative depth of the watch itself.

Finally, and this is no surprise, SISTEM51 is 100% Swiss made—a guarantee of quality, end to end.

SS 13 Benetton Travel - You will never lose your suitcase again

You will never lose your suitcase again with the SS13 Luggage collection from BENETTON #TRAVEL


Debby Ryan wears Jean-Michel Cazabat

Debby Ryan chose to wear Jean-Michel Cazabat’s Oka floral-print snakeskin sandals with sequined finishing at the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards in L.A. on Saturday.

Jean-Michel Cazabat’s Oka sandals are available in coral, black, yellow/green and fuchsia/napoleon at www.shopbop.com

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Last week I popped along to the Steiger AW 13/14 press preview to check out what great styles we have coming for this coming fall. Walter Steiger or Steiger as they are now known is one those brands that is not to be missed. Known and famed for that heel... ' The Claw' it's with this in mind the brand digs back into their archives for inspiration for their latest collection.

A good starting point with Steiger Is the court and great starter pair which features the ionic law heel, then we move on to boots which are alt more wearable as in great everyday essentials. On the flat we see the crave of the claw with a more shorter and boarder heel and last and not least the all out glamor shoes which truly are stoppers and already have celebrities queuing or them.

I now will take this time to talk wedges which are definitely not like any on the market. We start off the the point then on to the wedge itself whhbhasva very harp incline so it appears but I am assured does not affect the comfort of the actual shoe ....... The claw curve also makes an appearance on the wedge which makes it my standout piece in the collection. Now think fur and that wedge and now check out my pictures

He steiger collection is one to watch as always and if your not familiar with the brand get yourself acquainted with it, with collaborations with none other than Victoria Beckham Aw 13/14 at Steiger is sure to shine.

The collection gets my vote #flawless



Today's shoes are from Christian Louboutin and deserve a drum roll.... they are the Highness Pot Pourri Strass... These have Mariah Carey written all over them ....

Here's the scoop

Similar to her sister "Daffodile", her mini peep adds a provocative edge to this sky high design.  In this exclusive,"Pot Pourri" (Louboutin language for strass/spikes) version, take one walk in her royal shoes and become the queen of the room