Monday, 11 April 2016



The Spring/Summer 16 Weekend Offender collection is a reflection of the brand’s unique individuality: refusing to follow flash trends and instead sticking to core values, the creative effort has been concentrated on ultra-light, deconstructed utilitarian casual and relaxed pieces.

The season’s colour palette is bursting with a new freshness and optimism.  Colours are bright, expressive and full of promise: Bright and pastels shades, along with white, are all trimmed with contrasting black flashes and trims.

Cool mixes of aquatic, ocean-inspired blues – Kingfisher, Ocean and Bondi – also feature, as well as Sunny yellows teamed with hot oranges, washed-out sun shades of tea tree mint and pale beeswax melange and a monochrome wash of pale silver grey where white has no limits

Sportswear-influenced key items are super-light and deconstructed into modern classics.

Jackets are lightweight shell, almost shirt-like, to build up layers in cotton and ultra-light nylon. Shirts are split into two category areas, the first being prints with British Summer time designs of an all-over strawberry and the second of a bird print. The styles in the prints include shirts, shorts, polo tops and tees for a complete look.

Being British Classic, the second category features a range of classic checks full of retro nods and nostalgia in short- and long-sleeve options.

Two weights of fleece are also introduced this season: the classic 280gm weight and a summer-light option at 210gm. Prominent trim features heavily, incorporating glossy black zippers, poppers and webbing seen on woven cotton pockets and woven outer overlay panels.

Ultra-light, paper touch  crisper, lighter fabrics form the basis for the collection in the kind of bright summer shades that Weekend Offenders will enjoy.

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