Saturday, 30 April 2016

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld covers Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan May 2016

It's great to see these publications ... out of the norm now getting big names to cover their monthly mags .... note I was there a year before them .... on the cover of magazine no one could read .... also no recognition .... but that's aight .....

Me apparently no name on the cover of an eastern European magazine .....(below) ... dont even know what it means .... but I got a spread and if it helped  path the way for other westerners to do covers way out there then happy to be of service and to help out

no pat on the back necessary, no likes needed, but I'm proud and I know what happened and the situation because when I did this cover no one was doing covers in Kazakhstan ... only person I can think of is and most probably Borat!

I make my money so don't worry ... exposure ... I get that just check out the paparazzi agencies around the world .....

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