Monday, 25 April 2016


Just wanted to share these pictures with you which Lil Kim posted on social media this weekend .... I at first was horrified and wondered why she did it ... I remember Kim from back in the day and was also lucky enough to take meet her and she was not this colour ... Does she have the mysterious MJ syndrome that michael Jackson suffered from ?? I just think it's sad and the media as a lot to answer for this making people feel inadequate... Messing with their heads and with the heads of insecure people which is very dangerous ... There's much more to this underline .... Years ago I use to bleach but I stopped and started loving me ... Yep I'm dark and now I wouldn't have it any other way and no white journalist out there is going to make me feel bad about that and start changing my skin tone and features 

Guys and girls stop reading these magazines telling you your not perfect and should look like a kardashian 

Stop I'm urging you!!!

What are your thoughts on this ... Comment box is all yours. ..

Help her jesus #fixItJesus 

Black, white asian whatever be happy with who you are and more importantly what you are ...


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