Friday, 15 June 2018


There are now many online concept stores with multi-brands and an interesting style, & Special Guests is unapologetically off-kilter, dry in sense of humour and unphased by seasonal trends. Aiming to appeal to the audience's appreciation for unique, well-designed products and content that is delivered in an off-piste style.

& Special Guests is a creative studio and immersive online concept store with a fashion focus and playful mind-set. The studio creates and curates off-kilter and unexpected products and collaborates on projects that inspire, engage and amuse.

& Special Guests is the creative/sartorial vision of graphic designer and art director Georgia Vaux, combining her love of playful fashion that has a sense of subjectivity and light-heartedness with an emphasis on style. Co-founder, Mike Staines is a creative technologist with a passion for creating immersive technological worlds and has a proven record in digital brand building.

“The concept is the culmination and continuation of two highly-creative minds restlessly and compulsively finding new ways to make real the machinations of their imaginative inner lives.”

The & Special Guests’ curated brands all have their own spirit, quirkiness, and story, and as ‘guests’, they bring a diverse and intriguing mix to the & Special Guests’ world.

Visitors will find an innovative, e-commerce platform that has curated hard to find, one-off and own brand products which each have their own spirit, quirkiness and story, creating a diverse and intriguing mix which is the & Special Guest’s world.

Launch brands include Play Purse, George Keburia, Worishofer. Maria La Rosa, Gofun Nail and new-to-market brands A Printed Wardrobe and Do11y.  & Special Guests is the studio behind Play Purse and are the only UK stockists of Worishofer and Gofun Nail.            

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