Friday, 15 June 2018

Landlord x Novesta Collaboration


One of the best-loved and most popular brands throughout Europe, Novesta, has teamed up with LANDLORD a brand that was made in New York in 2016 and focuses on mixing luxury and streetwear together. 

LANDLORD's iconic feature is sport and contemporary casuals based on military tastes and has been inspired by the likes of Dennis Rodman (American Professional Basketball Player), Joseph Beuys, Southern Hip Hop and Mauri. 

Novesta like LANDLORD is famous for the background of military supply production since it's foundation historically. Because of the uniqueness of Novesta's sneakers, which pair imaginative designs with timeless sophistication, Novesta tend to only work with brands that they have something in common with them (whether this be nature, history and tastes etc). The collaboration between Novesta and LANDLORD makes perfect sense as they both have an angle of military supply production and because of this the two aimed at making pairs of new military trainers for the Spring Summer 2018 with the textile being developed by LANDLORD and the project and production being run by Novesta. 

The trainer's cost $320.00 (£232.86) and are stocked at LANDLORD's stockists: Barney's, Opening Ceremony, SSENSE and trendy boutiques in Japan.

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