Sunday, 24 June 2018


This week's most wanted is from Fendi and is this "T shirt" which I really need ..... I was in Milan recently and discovered the price and it was £450 and I can't get my head around it ..... when did clothes get so expensive and season after season they are getting more pricey ..... I need this and keep going back to the E site to look at it and I've already planned how I'm going to wear it but you know what it's the price of someone's mortgage and because of all the trolling I get and hate mail I am a bit more considerate that I am lucky privileged to an extent and showing off £800 shoes could possibly offend people but why pick on me I'm not the only one and plus I have worked hard for these things and to be able to buy them but that said and done this is why now I am very cautious and try to justify my purchases but I do need this!

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FENDI T-SHIRT - Black cotton T-shirt - view 1 zoomFENDI T-SHIRT - Black cotton T-shirt - view 3 zoom

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