Monday, 18 April 2016


I'm not going to babble on but this really grinds my gears and annoys me really as it affects me personally .... Over the last few years we have seen the rise of the older model and the grey fox ... Grey is beautiful and that It is! I'm not ashamed of my age or anything and I've got grey hairs coming through and I'm not ashamed to have them well most days .... I think it's amazing that the world is embracing the silver fox and the older man in general it's amazing there are agencies out there, the silver fox is being used more and more at fashion weeks around the world .... Now here's the problem ... Do we only have white silver foxes ??? Once again the media are messing (I wanted to say something stronger there) with our heads and saying the older man with grey hair is beautiful as long as he is white , that's not cool there are so many very attractive middle aged black men who come under this category but when some media wrote on the subject I can name a few but will name one as their article was the most patronising (The Telegraph) and in all of these article they babble on grey fox, grey fox blah blah and of course not one picture of the black man is shown ....  That's their prerogative but all I'm saying is white is beautiful, black is beautiful,  we all are beautiful young and old don't let blinkered newspapers mess with your mind ... I mean they've already got the kardashians cemented in half the populations brain ... But from my experience with the media it goes like this they love you today put you on a pedestal... Tomorrow they'll help with your down fall 

Let's wise up hey .... This is after all 2016 ... I'm black, I'm a model, I dont book as much as my white counterparts but you know what I ain't mad .... Maybe one day black will be in fashion again soon after all it was like 300 years ago 

I mean ......

David Beckham below showing his grey ... The medias idea of the perfect silver fox.  

Just for the record this is what a black grey fox looks like ....

Oh and me ... Basically with the media putting out shit like this it's basically messing up people's careers that they've worked hard for! 

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