Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Ok this is different because normally this week's most wanted goes on my lust list but these days when I post this week's most wanted I basically have bought it already.... is everyone rich? nowadays you have to go on wait lists or everything is sold out! lucky for me I have been a personal shopper for years and I'm exploring this avenue again so if you are having problem finding must have pieces contact me and I'm sure I can get them for you because that's what it's about now who you know .... although people and brands are trying to shut me down I still have my contacts ......so this week I love and I have already bought this black Fendi T shirt which is a must have and selling out as soon as they come in .... priced at £450 ......  (and everyone has flatmates and not owning their own property)

I love this Tee so much and I've worn it once already and I decided to go one size bigger so I can wear it as a oversized top which goes great with slacks (that's trousers for millenials)

FENDI T-SHIRT - Black cotton T-shirt - view 1 detailFENDI T-SHIRT - Black cotton T-shirt - view 3 zoomFENDI T-SHIRT - Black cotton T-shirt - view 2 zoom

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