Tuesday, 12 July 2016


After celebrating ten years as the style dire-ctor of Lanvin Homme, Lucas Ossendrijver has drawn up the 2017 Summer collection as a manifesto inspired by handmade craftsmanship: 
"I decided to go with room and creativity. This collection is not about a single concept but rather a collage made up of different possibilities. It's about freedom."

For though great care has gone into making this collection, it draws its inspiration from items of the urban wardrobe, such as loose jeans with shortened cuffs, coloured shoelaces and satin shorts inspired by sports, that express the need for movement.

Calm and confident, the Lanvin man wears his memories and promises in the form of these trousers whose turned Jacquard blurs its sharp nuances. Everywhere, romantic symbols such as arrows, roses, tattooed babes or stars are in turn cross-stitched on a short-sleeved shirt or a pair of sneakers, applied onto patches such as military badges, or fashioned into jewels worn on the jacket wrist or collar like charms. 
A single word appears on the back of sneakers with contrasting sand-rubbed vulcanized soles: 'Error', like an incanta-tion, a decision to accept it and keep moving forward.

For more information, please visit http://www.lanvin.com 

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