Sunday, 31 July 2016


This is not a review that is to follow but wanted to show you my progress using Polished white teeth whitening powder ..... Let me state from the start I'm not being paid for this the reason why i'm writing about it is because it was beneficial to me ...

Now I have show my teeth ... I used to whiten them in the 90s and early 2000s when they whitening crazed first started but did it too much to the point where it was not effective became to painful and basically damaged my teeth ,,,,, so with age, my addiction to coca cola and smoking they are stained BAD! so things like polished white I try out in a bid to whiten my teeth ... im always buying different toothpaste home whitening kits, etc and they dont work but this did !

check out the pictures below to see my progress after two weeks ... that's all im saying for now but keep a look out for updates...

but so far so good and I definitely recommend you try it ... so easy , no trays or the usual stuff where you cant do anything for an hour ... just replace polished white instead of your usual toothpaste and it doesnt disturb your daily dental routine 

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