Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I'm not sure about you but I find it hilarious with the rise of these so called style influencers who actually don't know anything ... They brown tongue lie etc to get places and it's actually working because they suck up to the right people that's why we now have a talentless society who live in Instagram world and will strip when times are rough and they don't get enough likes... Ok this one is for you !!!

So many style influencers out there who clearly state this on their bios that they are and proud of it and forgetting to check and failing to notice their social media scores don't reflect this ... ie they are lying ...... Ok pop quiz ! Style influencers and menswear experts this is for you ... These buttons are from the sleeve of a made to measure suit .... They are sewn on to the sleeve of the jacket in what style ??? Please don't answer next to each other .... I don't expect to get one like or one answer on this because that's the world we live in  nobody knows nothing and succeeding whilst there are trained people out there struggling ... Food for thought people stop making stupid people famous and start looking at talent  !!! 

What is the style that these buttons sewn on to this jacket called .... 

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