Sunday, 12 June 2016

MUST SEE - HOT TREND ... Loose Tailoring

Oh my god it'shim again leroy dawkins ... that clotheshorse.... the one that gets the jobs outside the UK and not in the UK because after all he talks shit to put it frank and out there ... I wrote about loose tailoring over a year ago before we saw the trend show in January on the runways and for a change I'm attending LCM SS 17 without tickets and im doing really good front row here and a front row there and I dont have to sell my soul .... but its so interesting being  trend forecaster seeing what I predicted every other person this season is doing ... a nice tailored suit worn not seriously with sneakers a short hanging out maybe like ive done and thats this summers fashion .... ok I'm going to say it TOLD YOU SO .... my prediction can be seen in La palme magazine ... SS 15 issue .....

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