Sunday, 12 June 2016


This season, SIBLING send a postcard from tropical Miami via the low-rider vibe of California, a sun drenched and acid tongued collection informed by their observations of the poolside scene. 


Silhouettes take their cue from beach and sportswear, and so the buff and beautiful SIBLING hustler strides out in intarsia palm shorts, the city’s iconic trees as seen from the bottom of a swimming pool. The colour scheme is similarly lush and all American; red, and cerulean blue stand out against crisp white accessorized with SIBLING towels which, being SIBLING are hand knitted in Italian yarns. Stripes, nostalgically inspired by beach furniture, are seen in pyjama suits and ‘deckchair denim’.


SIBLING’s woman has always been more uptown, and thus she’s polished even in close proximity to water.’ Lurex striped tennis whites are given an intimidating edge with tightly cinched corsets – the SIBLING super isn’t that into relaxing or playing. The corset is a recurring element of the collection, giving Helmut Newton-esque pause to sweet looks. 


Elsewhere, SIBLING’s graphics: leopard, zig zag, and leaf, are combined in an entirely hand crocheted white gown or sports knickers and a bomber jacket, from under which the corset peaks. The boys get the same treatment, showing a flash of stiff sequined corset from beneath their red leaf embossed knitted cricket shirt.


The leaf print’s a new addition to the SIBLING cannon – sweet yet also nightmarish, the naïve hand drawn doodled shapes and colours remind one of the twisty side of paradise. It’s most resplendent on a series of white mesh pieces that culminate in a bell shaped cape covered in appliqué hand tufted pastel leaves, showcasing the technical skill SIBLING is so known for.  Just don’t go in the water. 


Menswear styled by Matthew Josephs
Womenswear styled by Phoebe Arnold
Mens casting by Matthew Josephs assisted by Toni Blaze-Ibekwe with special thanks to Itunu
Womens casting by Phoebe Arnold assisted by Madeleine Ostlie | AAMO Casting at CLM with special thanks to Natalia
Grooming & Makeup by Sam Bryant, assisted by Dominic Skinner & The MAC Pro Team
Hair by Tina Outen for Fudge Professional using new Curve Maker
Nails by Marian Newman using MAC Cosmetics
SIBLING Sports Socks by Sock Shop UK
SIBLING Zip Zag Sunglasses by Linda Farrow
Chuck Taylor All Star II Neon
Music by Nathan Gregory Wilkins
SIBLING HQ: Sarah Stokes assisted by Ben, Jess, Katherina, Camilla, Abigail & Aisling
SHOW TEAM: Ella Dror, Ashley Smith, Ebi & the team at Ella Dror PR
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