Wednesday, 22 June 2016

VERONIQUE BRANQUINHO Resort 2017 collection

The Veronique Branquinho Resort 2017 collection exudes a soft and quiet springtime feel.
Effortless chic silhouettes, featuring lightweight natural fabrics and subtle elaborate details, convey a contemporary sense of laid-back romance.

A balanced interplay between elegance and ease, feminine and masculine, modern and vintage/ antique references underpins the collection.

The restricted muted palette of white, off-white, black and indigo, places the emphasis on craft details, volumes, cuts and contrasting fabrics.

Most of the designs come in mainly two hemlines: floor and knee length, and feature relaxed fits.
Fluid floor-sweeping dresses with a deep V-neck, long button-up pleated skirts, kimono-inspired sleeves and voluminous wide-leg pants suggest a flowing movement.

Knee-length hooded caftans, tee-dresses, shift-dresses, bermudas, A-skirts, offer a more practical yet still appealing put-together look.

Classics are being updated and some designs overtly play with style combinations, such as a sleeveless straight cotton shirt-dress merged with a cape; or hoods - also reminiscent of the traditional cape - coming on top of tees, tuniques and dresses, and giving them a more feminine and dramatic touch.

Light-weight denim is given a sophisticated twist by being pleated, yet mainly left with raw edges, for a cooler attitude.

Semi sheer lace tops and plunging necklines bring a laid-back timeless sensuality.

A strong attention to details is to be seen in every piece, and is reflected by the precise selection of qualitative materials: jacquard de coton, exquisite cotton lace, natural wood beads, lightweight supple denim, ultra-thin linen... ; and by the diversity of craft techniques being used, from pleating and embroidery to ancient sartorial details constructions. Amid these : the numerous carefully selected pleats styles : accordion, box, knife for skirt and dresses, cartridge for blouses, Watteau for backs; ton-sur-ton English embroidery and mesh ground Austrian lace with abstract floral patterns.

The silhouettes are complemented by studded leather, canvas and suede clogs.

A touch of Springtime madness is infused in some tees, tee-dresses and band collar shirts where whimsical « Alice in Wonderland » sentences have been embroidered.

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