Tuesday, 12 April 2016

MUST SEE - Why are you getting upset

This goes out to the brands, the bloggers and the spiteful individuals who are trying to stop me by reporting me left right and centre .... My hits have suffered slightly because of this but I'm still banging out more views than you! You selling 'stuff' on your sight I'm not and I'm still get more hits ... Concentrate on why that is not as to why I get over 1 million views a month ... Concentrate on that and you can by goovertake ...

I wish you well.... 

I dont have many followers ie on instragram, facebook page and twitter ... i think its great the amount i have  all in with everything i think its about 30k but what I do have is a loyal following of visitors and newsletter subscribers who keep my figures up ... all done through google .... these spiteful people have realised this and if I get hit google with spam reports etc my views will suffer ... see I have nothing to hide I tell you where most my hits come from and always post views update not to show off but to thank the many thousands who support me religiously

I wish them well

Check out this video ...I get lots of bad messages calling me every name under the sun especially if we eliminate favorites on top model in Europe .. but I'm out there it's not always going to be a smooth road but when I get video messages like this below it gives me fuel to carry on

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