Thursday, 21 April 2016


Last night I went along to the magnum doubles party in London which was hosted by actress model Suki Waterhouse and I was ther of course a X was not going to miss it for anything ... We move on the same circles and I'm surprised we've never met before ... I've heard of her she's heard of me ... She described me as the English Perez Hilton I don't hold back so she'd better be nice to me which she was ... I meet celebrities left right and centre and I'm not nervous which I wasn't but she said she was but after meeting me I was described as a PUSSYCAT .... 

What a really nice girl and a pleasures meeting ... If anything pissed me off it was groupies asking me

What does she actually do???  My thoughts on this is 

Stop being. Hater!!  PRs ask this question about me and my answer is normally do your homework 

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