Friday, 14 November 2014


As a regular visitor or follower to the blog you know I always feature the upcoming magazines so you know what's about you can see the cover and hopefully this will help you decide which titles you want to buy .... December and January issues are the ones! They help you decide on what party wear, hairdos and gifts are about.  For me this year is different as I'm featured in the #1 UK's best selling black magazine Black Beauty & Hair..

This is a big career high and a privilege as growing up my mum and my sister bought this magazine religiously and they still do so there was always a copy every month in the house and I always use to peek at the gents grooming pages for inspiration. (Breathe) now to be actually in the magazine for style and what I've achieved is just mind blowing!  I knew the interview was coming out but it didn't seem real until I actually had a copy .. Well 5 in my hands 

I cannot and I repeat cannot thank editor Irene Shelley enough as well as the amazing Carly Lewis who interviewed me this is surreal ... I've been in Vogue, Shortlist and numerous titles and campaigns but for me this is the biggest achievement being in a top selling black title ... And again I can't thank BB&H for making this possible. 

The December/January issue has hit all good news stands and supermarket so go out and get you copy and read the interview it's truthful, enlightening, I talk fashion industry and my favourite subject PR's and you get to know me just a little bit more!! 

Out now!!! 

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