Friday, 14 April 2017



Just thought I would share these pictures with you.... now as most of you know I can go to different party  every night but now I pace myself so it's rare I bump into people but recently I bumped into Rita we've been at the same party many a times but I have never met her but now I have 

We had such a great time talking mutual friends etc but as usual I won't disclose anything 

I know what it's like to talk to people and what you say is taken out of context sometimes you exchange numbers and the next thing you know your being blackmailed because people say they have a story they can sell about you 

Ok that's enough rambling and yes I touched the subject as I am going through that sort of thing right now.....

They are stupid who's going to buy a story about me apparently a couple of publications that ignore me in the uk but can sell it in Europe where I do a couple of TV shows 

Worried? Not in the slightest 

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