Tuesday, 18 April 2017


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Right I am not going to go in heavy on this because I have been doing that for over three years and had people asking me why am I so mad, am I stable, everyone on Instagram is credible I'm the one with the problem, I'm bitter blah blah ..... I am classed as a big blogger and have never hidden my stats they are there for everyone to see... but Monday 17th April 2017 I will never forget as people get what i have been talking about for years only because there's a new site exposing Instagram's elite some I know and they discredit me and other bloggers up there to get us out the way and because no one wants to rock the boat I had no support but today my inbox was full I was included on so many social media posts because of this

I don't feel inadequate anymore ... PR's who believe the shit you are told about me SHAME ON YOU!!! I get your business and brand out there these people have been buying followers, likes, mentions, etc they can control everything down to comments they claim they have 50k followers when technically they may have 4k like me! thats why I never concentrate on followers, how many people I have following .... what I concentrate on is how many visitors I have coming to my site which is millions!!!!

I'm not going to say the name of the site but like the kids say these days ... it's savage!!! It's called social blade 

PR's don't feel bad you have been dooped but its going to be hard to get back with genuine who actually get visitors organically like me

I'm here and not holding any grudges my only thing is how are you going to explain this to the brands you represent or work for? all the free stuff and trips you have given them ....

if you want to know the name of the site which is also authentic and has caused upheaval dm or message me or even email me as I'm sure you still have my email address even though you buried me too soon and left me for dead .... lucky i'm not stupid and carried myself overseas and doing very well on not one but two tv shows and have done many editorials one out now which is 20 pages long and the designer clothes I wear, Dolce etc I actually paid for!

this is just a text blog post but I thought I would add a picture from my latest editorial (top of the page) featured in Vogue which is out now in Europe on good newsstands

Oh you would not believe and would be gobsmacked if your saw some of the so call bloggers who have been busted on this site!

I'm just happy that judgement day is here and people can finally see I am not mad, I am stable and I saw this coming ......

The problem everybody wants to be famous well if that's the case you should have started years ago .... Bryanboy paid his dues, Prince Cassius paid his dues, Susie Bubble paid hers, Jai'me London Boy paid his, I paid mine ...

They've gone out done another thing on top on breaking up the Blogging community with the back stabbing ... they have gone out brought shame on bloggers, sold themselves out and yet still when they arrive at parties no one is taking pictures of them ...

was it worth it ... your still that nobody blogger but now with shame on your head!

was it worth it ... oH! did I mention I am a signed model and on two Russian TV programmes ? wasted opportunity ....

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