Thursday, 27 April 2017


I've gone from being a golden boy of blogging in the UK to being known for drama (I call it talking the truth and being real) but through all adversity and people bad mouthing me I go out and do my thing ... funny I think now all the blogs about blogger fraud etc I think people believe me now and what's funny some are claiming the fame as they found out about it first and getting patted on their backs ... no mention of me though 

My family and real friends all two of them call me resourceful well so be it I just go out and do my thing my hits are higher than ever in the millions and I like the fact the current bloggeratti have nothing to show for their work and still work two or maybe three jobs 

I'm not gloating but I do my thing and like that I can go out and buy things like this Cartier Juste une Clou bangle if I want it 

It was on my lust list for a couple of months I talked myself out of it saying I didn't need it but obviously I did ... I want a plain gold one to match my love bangles to which I have three .. two I don't wear as they were given to me in the spirit that Cartier intended ... your in love and your lover screw it on your wrist it's like modern day branding ... I only wear one love bangle which I bought myself to say that I love myself and with this new bangle I thought what the hell rather than buy the plain gold starter one get one embellished with diamonds 

shop the CARTIER Juste un Clou bangle here 

I love my blog again and love blogging again and from the negative feedback I get which I may add is always done in private messaging alot of people don't like that I have got my mojo back .... apparently I put it out there ... well from the horses mouth I don't I just post what other people post but the real version not the fake ones like I see on Instagram 

So why is it a problem?

Like other thirsty bloggers which I'm not I just go out and get mine and don't take anyone down or bad mouth anyone I don't have the time

NO drama here!

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