Monday, 12 September 2016

Ethical Sunglasses Label PALA Launches

In homage to the African continent PALA’s cause benefits, the brand name comes from the ‘impala’ antelope. Renowned for their superb eyesight, their main survival tool, this native African animal re-enforces the connection to the brand.  

Truly passionate about the global issue of lack of eye care in low-income countries, notably in Africa, Founder John Pritchard’s mission is that with every pair of sunglasses sold, the brand will provide a pair of prescription glasses to someone who needs them.  Through the sale of the sunglasses grants are provided to create vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes in Africa. Each project or programme provides a cost per patient seen and Pala is therefore able to work out the necessary donation required from the sale of each pair of sunglasses to match that patient cost, thus fulfilling the ‘buy-give’ promise.  The philanthropy extends further to the glasses cases themselves which are woven from recycled twisted plastic, using a traditional Ghanaian basket-weaving method. Each case can be traced back to one of three rural communities that produce them by the coloured stripe that is woven into the design.

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