Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Look Mate’s Supermundane ’Super Sock’ Launches

Look Mate’s Supermundane ’Super Sock’ Launches

“The less you need, the freer you are”.  It was leading London based artist, graphic designer, writer and illustrated Rob ‘Supermundane’ Lowe’s lucid philosophy that first drew the keen attention of the Look Mate London team.  They instinctively knew they had to approach Rob for their next sock collaboration.

A standout force behind the creative synergy and this meeting of minds was Rob’s impressive experience spanning over 20 years in creative pursuits from graphic design and illustration to writing and typography.  Rob’s distinctive use of colour, line and simplicity, synchronised perfectly with Look Mate’s acute design criteria and together this sparked the creative flame for their newest design; The Super Sock.

The “funky faced” Super Sock is embellished with Rob’s signature lineal methods while Look Mate’s high quality combed cotton provides the canvas for his artwork. In this design soft pinks are contrasted with fruity yellows and oranges which coalesce to offer a refined yet detailed, and ultimately wearable sock design.  This is a pair of socks certain to funk things up on the morning commute. 

Priced £10, every pair of socks is produced to high standards of craftsmanship from combed cotton by a father-daughter team in Vahan’s hometown in Armenia.  The socks are tested time and time again until perfection is reached.    

Launching this month, The Super Sock is now available for purchase via Look Mate’s e-commerce store at

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