Monday, 8 August 2016

JUST GOING TO LEAVE THIS HERE ... Instagram is a liar

Just wanted to show this as I know Instagram makes some people feel inadequate and there's even been some suicides but still people keep lying about their lives in Instagram and making regular people feel low ... It's true it happens but the ones really feeling low are the ones lying about their lives and I enjoy catching people out in their real lives ... Bloggers and stylists love glamourising something that really is but glamorous.... 

Below I catch one lying ... I enjoy following Bryanboy and this summer he's been having an amazing time ... Apparently so has another blogger also who took the same planes at the same airport and the same time ... You guessed it they also have the same luggage and same sneakers 

Bryanboy's pictures

Here are the pics of the shady blogger ... Obviously to hide their embarrassment I've cut out their name ...

So don't believe everything you see on Instagram 

Oh it's getting funnier so below are some pics Bryan it's pics and then the shady blogger 

Note the American Airlines plane has now turned into a British airways 747 

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