Sunday, 28 August 2016

Susana Traça - Flower Explosion

 The 2016/2017 Fall/Winter collection by Susana Traça takes its inspiration from the colours and odours of Mexico. With its vivid emotions and energetic traditions, this land perfectly represents the passionate and impetuous spirit of this designer of Angolan roots. 


The combination of Mexican-inspired textures and traditional folk art, combined with the strength of Susana's trademark tribal masks, is enhanced by the quality of the materials, all Made in Italy, and by the iconic shapes of the maison.  The Mexican mask meets the symbolism typical of African culture and art, resulting in sharp contrast that are sweetened by the sinuous lines of Susana's footwear. 


Together with Mexican prints, folk and tribal elements create an energetic style perfect for women with a strong personality, innovative taste, and interested in playing with prints and colours. Africa's chromatic liveness is exalted by Mexico's magical nuances, giving to the creation of Susana immediacy and power of expression.

A dream voyage that starts in Africa and leads us to the shores of Mexico, but still reminds us of Europe, Italy and Portugal. 


This collection passionate aspect is linked to personal experiences that have deeply shaped the personality of the designer herself.

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