Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pre-order the MTV x Marc Jacobs Collection

Available to pre order now the Marc Jacobs X Mtv collaboration at

This look wins it for me .... But pricey but when you convert it into pounds it's reasonable..... Oh wait after Brexit the pound isn't doing so good .... But despite that it's a big collaboration from two relevant heavyweights so you know me I like predicting and a lot of the times I right (yep blowing my own trumpet) so this is a future classic look after it and the resale value will be good! 

You know me I'm good at what I do and only buy pieces I can resell if they are seasonal to fund new season  

Great collaboration and collection and all different price points making it available to all the way fashion should be although recent reports in the press want to make high fashion only available to the elite and making it very elitist hence the prices we see these days and the rise in counterfeit products and worst the rise in people carrying them trying to pass them off as the real thing .....

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