Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Rejjie Snow x Life's A Beach Collaboration at Selfridges

Rejjie Snow and Life’s A Beach will be launching their collaboration as part of Selfridge’s recited project celebrating the anniversary of Williams Shakespeare this Wednesday (July 20th) with an event in store. As well as performing tracks for his debut Rejovich and recent single, All Around The World – featuring Lily-Rose Depp – the 22 year old born Alex Anyaegbunam will also be showcasing his art background by spraying Graffiti live on the night. 

As a young man growing up in Dublin, Snow spread his visuals throughout the city; and for Shakespeare reCited he will be combining his eye-catching graffiti skills with his remarkable rhymes. Rejji is one of the most exciting newcomers in British rap; making this collaboration an exciting addition to the Selfridges reFASH-IONed project mix.

Founded in the late eighties by Jeff Thodosakis and brothers Brian & Mark Simo, Life’s a Beach became synonymous with the world of extreme sports.Today, thanks to the talent of designer Jake Church the brand is set for a revival, with the help of their impressive archive. At the heart of Church’s design process is the belief that in order to create something relevant you have to take inspiration from multiple sources, from music to history. 

This philosophy played a key role in the creation of Life’s a Beach and Rejjie Snow’s six piece reCITED merch collection, comprised of hooded jumpers, t-shirts and jogging bottoms, all emblazoned with the words “nothing is for nothing” printed in the brands signature typography. Prices start at £30 for a long sleeve tee to £50 for a printed hoodie.

Rejjie Snow and Life’s a Beach chosen charity is TechSpace, a charity that supports and trains youth workers in Dublin to use technology in their youth centres to inspire young people to create with tech.
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