Sunday, 17 July 2016


Just another day in fashion where most act like there isn't racism in fashion ... I've been saying it for years and now I've gone quiet on the subject brands well some are just embarrassing themselves without people like me calling them out ...  Now you can understand why some boycott me and don't count me ! 

Well here we go MONCLER has joined the list of brands who have showcased collections with a hint of racism attached and no fucks are given but black people all over the world have been calling them out out on social media ... I ask myself with all that is going on around the world with the killing of black people for whatever reasons I ask ... MONCLER was this a good time to bring out this collection? Is there going to ever be the right time to bring out this collection?? Which bright spark over there in your creative team ( creative.... That's debatable) decided this would be a collection and who freaking signed it off? 

Did they think any person of any race would want to wearing clothing which black minstrels (commonly known as a golly wog) on them... Not unless your name is Donald Trump I can't think of anyone ....

MONCLER have released a statement apologising for any offence or distress... Yeah right! They are just upset they can't sell them ... Too little too late shouldn't have got this far ... Next time check with my Bruuvvers and and susters (no spelling mistakes) before you choose to offend them ... Should we boycott the brand ????? Who knows no one is going to read this anyway (I get over a million views a month) even if they do they are too stoopid to understand because their main goal is to look good .... I say a big donation to the United negro fund MONCLER show how really sorry you are !! 

For now you have joined brands such as Zara, Dolce&gabbana and Anthropologie who have offended the black race .... And have joined the list called Do you think black people are stupid and won't understand your collection!

Racism is alive and kicking and coming to a store near you soon!! 

Dolce&gabbana SS 13 


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