Friday, 1 July 2016


When I'm In Europe or Western Europe I get treated so nice Like a celebrity shall we say... I go to buy a sandwich ... A normal Chore which if the store is across the road from Where your staying should take no more than 5 mins right?? But no because I'm on the TV this can take up to one hour with selfies, dodging drones and press asking who is going to win ... Who is the next top model ... For proof check out my Instagram and snapchat as its my third season but this season I thought I would be different and document everything to squash the haters, rumour spreaders and doubters 

Fast forward and arrive back into the uk I get treated like the nigger I am ... The hate and that's just from prs 

Well here's a backstage poster for top model as proof not that I have to prove anything but next time I'm On the tip at a party and you can see my picture, I can see my picture 

Please don't get funny and say I'm not on the list, you can't find my name ,or send me anyway right in front of the paparazzi who just snapped me giving them an even bigger story 

tV judge gets turned away from party!!  Shock horror 

More to follow 

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