Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I feel a bit out of the loop as I've just found out that the UK has banned Gucci's cruise ad campaign ... just wanted to find out what your take on this issue was.... All I can say as I've been away filming and out of the loop a bit is I can see where Gucci is going with the campaign the 70s commands a more slimmer model because that was the trend at the time .... as for showing skinny models and being a very slim model myself I dont find this offensive and woman should not either considering the national average size in the UK is size 16 ... they are just showing a lifestyle ... not yours or mine just a lifestyle ... will the UK ban all campaigns that they think are offensive? I know from looking around they have banned a few ..... I can tell them where to find more if they are interested ... anything Jourdan Dunn does as I think she is very thin ....

What are your thoughts? being an old bird fashion goes round and recycle and so do trends ... this happened in the 90s when we had the waif models .... Kate Moss, Jodie Kidd and Lily Cole the to name a few ... it will pass over .... I mean ... people have got look like they are doing their jobs .... with two major fashion houses Gucci and Dior showing their cruise collections in the UK and putting us on the map for being a supposed fashion capital surely the only thing this will do is put fashion houses off right?

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