Thursday, 19 May 2016

MUST SEE - Anwar Hadid covers Teen Vogue US June/July 2016

oh boy ..... following the steps of his sisters and mother ...taking the easy way out living off his parents names .... your mum is a supposed supermodel... supposed and your dad owns half of Beverley Hills and you still take the easy way out ....

Regular folks dont stand a chance .... bring back the 90s when model scouts actually did the job they were paid to do and scout unknown talent .... now they get paid big bucks and go knocking on the doors of the Hadid's and Kardashian's ... its only a matter of time before big lipped Kylie walks at a Balmain show.... it's going to happen I tell you

I'm just so over celebs hooking up their ugly short kids to be actors and models and they have no experience but a big pr induced following on Instagram

whatever no one cares

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