Thursday, 26 April 2018

MUST SEE- Kaia Gerber for Saint Laurent Fall 2018

Kaia Gerber

We as professionals in the fashion industry have still not learnt our lesson....  well I have ... I don't buy things because I see a rich kid wearing them in a campaign all I think is lazy .... Oh as ugly as I am I wish my mother was Cindy Crawford...... Kaia who all the mags big up for me looks like a deer caught in headlights .... her brother Presley is a different story .... there are many celeb kids who I have seen but I'm not in the hype who would be good for campaigns such as scaring raccoons, danger signs etc and nope I'm not going to mention names but if you search my site you will see who I'm on about ......ok here's one Lennox Gallagher OH COME ON!!... I was luck enough to be scouted over 25 years ago as ugly as I am and guess what I am still signed and have seen these celeb models come and go ... I was luck enough to walk Tom Ford for Gucci and an original Gianni Versace show and I'm still here!! now what gets me in trouble is I am all about the underdog authentic scouting on the streets the same way Cindy (who fast tracked her kids) Naomi, Kate, Christy were scouted ..

Wake up people #STAYWOKE they are stealng your kids future......

Kaia GerberKaia GerberKaia GerberKaia Gerber
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