Sunday, 8 April 2018

If only I had the Body - Mister Triple X Resort 2018

If only I had the Body..... I've been fortunate to see this show a few times in the states and honestly the video does nothing for it but sitting in the audience kit does make you question your own body ..... enjoy ......


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ladybudd said...

yes well darling, those of us in the know already believe that you STILL do "have the body" ;) As far as "aging" (I still snicker & sniff at that description!) 'Male Super Model', You def have the cred and respect of those who matter. Anyone else is either ignorantly naive or a wanna be to the "cool Kids club"! They will come & go, but real people will continue to age gracefully, proudly and with panache! It seems to be finally acknowledged that many older and often the still most flamboyant models are getting as much,if not more,recognition! With mags, ads and media lately, the smarter peeps are proving that aging with style is bigger & better than ever. Holding them up to the current generation as perfect examples to prove whilst certain fashion fads fade but true style NEVER dies! In true spirit, aging as gracefully (or boldly)as a fine wine is now becoming THE aspiring result,opposed to fake,overfilled & overstretched faces/bodies of the current version. Artistic, verve, bold, sassy, and a very strong individual,eccentric style is definitely the trademark of the people we admire. Whilst alternately gracing covers,articles, bios & adverts...aging with panache is IN! Who can forget Iris Apfel?! Or that Ari Seth Cohen put out a book,inspired by his own fabulous Grandmother? Age is an attitude as much as a fact of life. It is how one 'owns' it, works WITH and not against it, that true genuine beauty shines through. There imo is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the amazing medical & cosmetic advances of today; But it's more about taking that advantage TOO far. Obviously there are those trying to hide, deny and shame those who choose to embrace age. Ignoring that path, by doing so,we are also being selective in what we are trying to achieve. There is a significant difference in hopes to minimise a few distracting lines or scars affecting one vs the current trend to attain the obscene overworked mannequin appearance.The look has nearly convinced me there exists an magic conveyerbelt some where that pops out plastic replica chucky doll versions of the poor misguided original person. One hopes it (and it's branches) may be the targets of the next flaming ruins of an space kit or asteroid flying towards earth;) It also seems that 'The Shelford Wives' has become a frequent theme in my comments, whether about fashion/appearances or the direction the 'thought/opinion police'are taking...hmmmm. That said, love the posts you blog honest thoughts on,they inspire me to then reflect deeper on otherwise what would be "just another fashion advert" I imagine & hope that others are having the same impact as well. The world, fashion and all will be much better for it, especially when it reaches,touches more,further and longer. Only good can come from genuine attempts to share opinions, not just following the cool Kids crowd & the money! Cheers and lots of love always babes! Ladybudd