Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Roberto Sipos dons a Dry trench coat for Anson's spring-summer 2018 campaign.

Im going to be short sweet and honest ..... sack the stylist!!! looking at this .... I'm going to be honest I have not heard of this brand as I only and mainly deal with certain brands ... but a stylist dealing with brands that have money would have got paid well for doing this campaign which looks dated and cheap! in the right hands (maybe mine) there could have been a different result but this campaign especially the first shot is an epic fail.... this is why I mainly do red carpet now and not editorials because everyone wants a younger take and this is not ....

Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-011Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-010Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-009Donning Selected suits, Justice Joslin and Roberto Sipos appear in Anson's spring-summer 2018 campaign.Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-008Going casual, Justice Joslin wears a Superdry t-shirt and New Era cap.Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-005Ansons-Spring-Summer-2018-Campaign-006Making a military-inspired style statement, Roberto Sipos rocks a Tigha bomber jacket and Selected sunglasses.Anson's enlists Justice Joslin and Roberto Sipos as the stars of its spring-summer 2018 campaign.

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