Friday, 23 March 2018

YOUR THOUGHTS - One-Of-A-Kind from Bell & Ross

I'm on the fence with this one but this is serious bling ..... I suppose I'm old skool because the price tag which I'm going going to say at the end is quite hefty and being old I want to see diamonds, gold, platinum but that's a bad way of thinking something like this will hold it's price better and hopefully gain more value

Follow this LINK as I can't concentrate all I see is rubber and sapphire .... ok brace yourself   .... priced at £355,00 ..... if you check out my Instagram you will see recently I attended a Blancpain watch event and I wore a £275,800 watch and that was platinum etc but this is expensive stealth wealth watch and to most people they won't know what it is and in these days where crime is on the high so being understated in this case is good

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