Sunday, 18 March 2018


Kim does her usual boring interview but always has one revelation in interviews to keeo her brainwashed fans interested and this one is she says "I hated being pregnant" 3 kids down one by surrogate ..... I bet serious money on it she will have one or more babies and the next one she will carry it herself ... it's all about the likes and keeping "her" fans interested ......

I'm already bored even before North was born Just saying! tell it to someone who cares ... Anna "sold out" Wintour maybe?

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ladybudd said...

I adore your open honest blog even more than the 1st day we met and I started reading it! No sycophant you!I absolutely love reading fresh,genuine articles that very few journalists maintain now days,as when the once revered Anna W having sold out when a few designers dropped their standards and integrity to make a few quid from KK's followers,Anna then gave carte blanc to others to join. Hence the once classy designer world gone mad. When social "influences", a cheap porn tart and reality telly personalities take precedence over the original, genuinely classy models,journalists and clients, one wonders if they will burn out first from an epiphany and sanity returns or when they suffer, realising too late as from the "burberry" effect when the chav culture nearly destroyed them. I've seen a massive decline of people chasing what were once the top desirable "must haves" such as the Chanel 2.55,or Gucci,LV, with ott monogram items. All because of lost cachet,(every one has one) and easy available counterfeits,and then the monogram overload. The sort of people wanting to look/dress well, are as you are, using designer understated staples,combined with like wise classic,basic,and well tailored pieces from still respected but quieter, smaller,or newer designers,and even some vintage too! A simple Hermes piece or scarf, a low key Prada bag, are the signals I am seeing now of those choosing class over brash.Your path in remaining true to your original lovely,stylish,and very intelligent self instead of bandwagon hopping is why I suspect that soon you will also be leading far ahead in the years after the inevitable crash & burn of this current cringe inducing culture & it's victims. We've seen it before, just as Burberry and silicone boobs had their day then resulting meltdown, so too will the gauche & tawdry,(remember how we cringe at 80s hair/fashion?)! But you sir, will still be standing, tall & smart,with integrity intact.I will be delighted,(hoping to still be around)to witness your well deserved triumph,and to be able to say..."I told you so" ;) Stay classy babes, you ARE adored,respected and appreciated more than you know!XXX