Thursday, 22 June 2017


Ok this is a two part blog ...... in this first part I want to introduce you the the Royals ......

Now your job until I do Part 2 of this blog is to study the pictures, use the comment box below and tell me why they are royals ..... please guys I've never begged before in 7 years for your assistance and comments but I need it now

Why I'm doing this blog is because I read the Business of Fashion and their review of a certain collection and the backlash was not good they were tweeted and instagrammed and told they need to get new writers ..... I disagree with this as my review was kind of similar and I applaud BOF for being totally honest not like other publications especially in the UK where it's more about how much they earn, their seats at shows and being seen...

ok please do check in tomorrow for a toe curling Part 2 which will explain what meeting the royals means to you and how it affects you and especially the young

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