Sunday, 25 June 2017


 What are your thoughts on the latest update of a classic...... the Louis Vuitton split keepall for ss 18

As you may know I'm a big fan of Louis Vuitton I have a big collection which includes suitcases, travel bags, suit carriers etc in the classic monogram and it's going to stay that way and as always I just build on my collection whilst keeping the theme of the classic brown 

Louis Vuitton can do no wrong for me and in my eyes and my opinion but .....

There's always a but it's a nice bag but not for me as with expensive purchases I will shop the season but I want something that will go beyond the season.... you'll get this and after 3 months it's out and with fashion being so fast now there's always a new model to buy and there's nothing wrong with that but If you are saving up for a bag when you go to buy it keep it classic do your research and try and find out what will sell good as a preowned bag or suitcase 

Now if your crazy rich and you update everything every season and it doesn't make you bankrupt 


Keep it real and shop to what your pocket can afford 

I've seen and friends have told me that they can't keep up with me and that's because I shop clever 

Now the sad part is that they declare themselves bankrupt shortly afterwards

It's like me trying to keep up with Victoria Beckham or Mariah Carey's clothing budget 

Shop smart people 

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