Saturday, 24 June 2017


Gucci is the one..... the one to be wearing .... I'm old school Gucci old being the word and with the new collections although they are 70s inspired they are the latest fashion and I was scared to buy them as I would not be able to carry of seasonal fashion .... I've been wearing Gucci for over 20 years I was there for Tom Ford and religiously bought Gucci..... I haven't bought anything apart from a bag in the last probably 3 years but this SS 17 I've jumped on the bandwagon again and totally enjoying the collections...

For shoes they are killing it ... if I'm honest not all of them but there's definitely some standout pieces ..... here's some of my favourites the Princeton are my ultimate favourites but everyone has them and now the high street has copied them and worst there are alot of fakes around ... that said and done I'm still trying to talk myself into buying a pair

Gucci Shoes Fall Winter 2017/2018Gucci Shoes Fall Winter 2017/2018

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