Wednesday, 12 April 2017


There's no denying it .... the Gucci Princeton slippers a still very much a must have ..... that said and done with everyone and their uncle I can even go far as granny owning a pair (i don't yet) so you have saved up or decided to rape your credit card would you buy a pair? they start at £455 a pair sans fur and run to approx £800 one of those purchases you have to think about right?

my thing is .... is everyone on Instagram rich? nope they are not I see them especially when I do venture out now which is not often because I have a big mouth .... whats happening is bloggers... the millennials that brands are targeting are buying fake ..... I'm not going to tell you where because me as brands core customer that can afford their creations I'm turning my nose up and switching my purchases up 

So the pair in the top picture are fake and can be bought for $100 .....

if you want to be authentic the genuine ones can be bought HERE

why brands are turning a blind eye and even liking the pics posted I dont know and its not just Gucci, its louis Vuitton. celine, the list is endless.....

so would I buy a pair of these must haves? yes ... but on this occasion like I said I'm Good!!!

below is a genuine pair ......

I'm not a millenial and I tend to buy classic pieces from each current collection ... So i'm out of it and will spend my hard earned money with brands that appreciate it!

This is one of the thoughts I have that I could turn into an article or submit for my online blog with magazines .... but I know it would never get published ..... so I put it on my personal blog as no one wants to rock the boat (I DO!!) 


Princetown leather slipper
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