Friday, 7 April 2017


Welcome to my latest outfit post "the streets are talking" ... what does that mean ? the high street of course,,,,, I'm not one for buying high street clothing but I am trying to mix up my wardrobe at the moment .... i've come up with this look which actually costs next to nothing it the accessories such as the biker jacket and jewellery that pushes it over the edge but that's just me you don't need to wear expensive accessories to pull it off .....

Sunglasses (from a selection) JOHN VARVATOS
Biker Jacker (from a selection) JOHN GALLIANO
T shirt NEW LOOK
Skinny jogger pants ZARA (strange for me never shop at Zara)
Sneakers (thanks converse for looking after me every season with a new pair) CONVERSE
Watch and Bangle CARTIER

This is not a sponsored post... I pay for all the clothes... as those days have gone when you were sponsored.... only millennials are sponsored now but I still give press 

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