Thursday, 6 April 2017


OK as you can see I have a pair of the must have loafers I'm going to talk about .... they are the spooky Patent loafers, Spooky Calf ... they come in a range of formats and have different names I like to call them my Spooky's

These are the most versatile loafers I've there nothing better for me than wearing them out on the town dressed up .... then at the other extreme wearing them really dressed down with a pair of jeans rolled up.

These loafers I wanted them for about 3 years and kept posting about them and as I have a vast shoe collection to go out and by them would have been frivolous so like a lot of expensive things I own I saved up for them and the picture above speaks volumes about my love affair with them ....

Psst ..... I'm saving up for another pair can't help myself as these shoes can be described as timeless.......

Shop the SS 17  Spooky loafers HERE

Shoes - Spooky Patent/glitter Tisse - Christian LouboutinMen Shoes - Spooky Calf/denim - Christian Louboutin

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