Tuesday, 1 November 2016

RADDAR7: Fearlessly Individual


RADDAR7: Fearlessly Individual

RADDAR7 is committed to removing the shackles of conformity, allowing the restless spirit of creativity to have its freedom.

RADDAR7 is hedonistic and romantic. It doesn’t care for the boundaries and limitations set by others. Their customers are men who are proud to demonstrate their own individualism in the clothes that they wear.

RADDAR7 garments are enigmatic and individualistic, inspired by ideas from the fringes of the imagination: the unconscious, the elemental, natural and supernatural forms. Charismatic and assertively creative, their iconic, darkly romantic designs play with geometric and abstract forms and expressive visual details.

RADDAR7 create wearable art that expresses the unbounded imagination of the wearer, exploring the indefinable and the spontaneous in boldly original designs. They commission up and coming artists to create original art inspired by the ideas at the heart of the brand. Themes, details and moods from the artwork metamorphose into a unique printed textile. There is no compromise on quality, and every piece in their collection is crafted from the best materials and ethically sourced.

RADDAR7 artists are every bit as individual as the designs they produce. Their creative family are always pushing the boundaries of art and design. The artists unique talents mean RADDAR7 can capture the spirit of their natural and supernatural designs, turning them into aspirational wear for men with a real sense of identity.

RADDAR7 challenges the conventional and harnesses the friction between art and fashion.

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