Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Kanye, Kanye, Kanye! please, please, Please ....... can you tell me what's on on this and please explain the value for money in this top ..... I'm not hatin' or messing with your grind but i'm old school been in the game for years ... years before you even started.... can I just say I respect you more than the likes of Zayn Malik as you took time out did internships in Paris so I give you that to your credit but ... now..... honestly? are you not using your name and that Clan you married into to take the living piss out of the consumer? what with Bey and Rihanna managing don't ask me how ... but managing to brainwash a whole generation ..... your just jumping on the bandwagon ..... and honestly I ain't mad at ya!

I just want to know .... I know and I've also met some great people but whether you like it or not if I ever met you I would want you to explain why something from your collection such as this sweater warrants the price tag of £1,230 roughly $1,900?

FYI it's 100% wool ... no mention of mohair or alpaca

Like I said I ain't hating on your grind Pablo cos if I could get away with it I would!

YEEZY Season 1 - Grey Wool Undestroyed SweaterYEEZY Season 1 - Grey Wool Undestroyed SweaterYEEZY Season 1 - Grey Wool Undestroyed Sweater

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