Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Well done Kelly... I don't have any info at the moment but if and when I get some k will of course post and share with you ... You might have seen my posts last week about a brand who launched a line of make and products for darker skin but at the launch not one black publication or black beauty blogger ... Yes black beauty bloggers there's lots out there but at the launch not one was invited ... What's up with that ..... Are you going to let white skin and light skin girls promote and review it ... Yes they are .. I can't wait to see reviews .... 

Well done miss ROWLAND a dark skinned woman who does not bleach and bringing out something needed ... I can also congratulate Christian Loubouton who I'm sure you know has introduced nude shoes but for all tones .... Other brands are trying but shill not going dark enough but like I said they are ... So can't wait to see the finished product and more importantly price points 

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