Sunday, 8 May 2016


Im still in an great place .... well its getting better and im coping im thriving on my big news ..... which I cant wait to share with you.... but at present I cant ... Im on TV in eastern Europe, Russia and in some of the darkest deepest places in Asia but people still see me and follow me and congratulate ..... I can go as far as saying ... I'm going to be on TV nearer to the UK and filming in a more westernized country so maybe the haters and brands in the UK my base will take me more seriously even though they can see my TV stuff on Youtube .... not alot as not alot was posted but enough ... not trying to get famous here although that would be nice .... but respect and recognition would be great and a positibe start after all these years in fashion

believe I have contributed ... hated it .... and now once again loving it! I also realize you cant make it big and have a career proper just doing fashion ... because one day your hot... the next day your not and the following week you are again ... hence that's why only rich kids blog full time ....

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